loose cover maker Yorkshire United Kingdom
loose cover maker Yorkshire United Kingdom
loose cover maker Yorkshire United Kingdom

Multiyork sofa Covers



Have you got a Multiyork sofa or chair?..

then I am sure I do not need to tell you that you have one of the best makes of furniture available.

We often are asked by customers is my sofa worth covering? we answer that this choice is down to the customer how much did you pay? etc etc but with Multiyork furniture it is different because we can categorically say yes have it covered, why?

Simply because we believe no other manufacturer comes close when it comes to build quality. 

You got a multiyork ? you really need to keep hold it will last a lifetime,  hardwood framed and coil sprung. To replace like for like would cost thousands so new covers are well worth the investment.

Eeze Covers





A few questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of replacing your quality Multiyork sofa covers or chair...




Does the new sofa your looking at have a sprung seat?

Does the new sofa your looking at have dunlopillow seating or Fibre mixed feather?

Is the frame a hardwood frame?

Does the sofa have shepherds castors or turned wooden feet?

More than likely the answer is No then you have answered your own question should I buy a new sofa?

Or maybe you answered yes to the above questions then the sofa you have seen is probably in the thousands then why replace the one you have, it already has everything you need and to recover it will probably be half the price of a new quality sofa or chair.

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I have been making covers for over 30 years and there are only one or two other companies that match Multiyork build quality.

If after reading all my advice you do decide to opt for a new sofa or chair please send us some photographs and we might just make you an offer to buy it from you.


Contact Us About Your Multiyork Sofa


These are some of the models we have covered. Do not worry if your sofa is not mentioned we can cover anything!


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