loose cover maker Yorkshire United Kingdom
loose cover maker Yorkshire United Kingdom
loose cover maker Yorkshire United Kingdom

Sofa Covers


First we ask you to click the red button opposite and fill in your details and the type of colours you require we will then send you absolutely free of charge a selection of fabrics which suit your preference...

 Once you receive your samples have a good look and feel of the swatches. Once you are happy with a particular fabric give us a bell or drop us an email and we will sort out all the arrangements.

If using our discounted copy cover service we will arrange for your old covers to be collected or alternatively you can send them in to us for production.

If you are using our tailor made service we will make an appointment for one of our tailors to visit to take detailed measurements and patterns. Alternatively we can arrange for your furniture to be brought into our workshops.





Making up service type and explanation 



Tailor made Service

One of our professional tailors will call to your home for the purpose of taking a detailed template and measurements.

Occasionally it may be better to arrange to bring your furniture into our workshops we don’t always need all items of furniture ie 2 sofas identical we would only need one sofa likewise with matching chairs.

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Eeze Covers


Covers to be copied

So you already have covers on your existing furniture this is great news for you because we discount this service even more than our normal low prices.

We are able to discount because we do not have to send a tailor so we make savings which we can pass to you.  Simply send us your old covers (do not worry if they are not a brilliant fit just send us a few photos and measurements and we can alter to your dimensions)











Fantastic Looking Sofa Covers, 

Tailor Made For Your Sofa

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